7 Perfect Project Cars That AREN’T a Miata

Objavljeno 20. nov. 2020
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Miata is always the answer, right? Dead wrong! We put together this list of 7 lightweight sports cars and they’re all cheap, plentiful, have a ton of aftermarket support, and most importantly: they’re not Miatas. This is D-List!
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  • wheres the volvo 240?

  • With the e36, which name is the straight 6?

  • Brooooooooo forgot the 4th gen camaro 😭😭😭😭

  • Can we get an Up To Speed on the Lexus SC300/400?

  • miata is -always- sometimes the answer

  • If you round the BMW up to the e46, then I already own 4 of your 7 suggestions. Technically I also own a Z3 *and* a miata, though.

  • uhh ok no today

  • The Honda city 1999 in india


  • Vw golf gt tsi in india

  • 5th or 4th gen camaro v6

  • So glad he mentioned the 1ga eclipse, they need the love!!!!!! I just picked up one of my own so excited for more power baby

  • Dude I got on vwvortex for the first time in 15 years today and James on here talking about it. Like minds...like minds...

  • Nice. Apple = dell

  • Ford Fiesta st is better then half these cars

  • Please do a up to speed on the Acura TL ... please

  • The best project cars are the ones with loads of after market parts available. Unless you own your own shop, you need the project to be as non-complicated as possible or it will be the project that sits and you tell people you're still working on it. 6 years later. I'm an original owner of a 2000 Civic Si , the blue as you showed in the vid. And managed to keep it from being stolen, yoohoo!

  • PUMPH YOU FOOL! If everyone at the office pitched in, and you are making a series about it, It's not a project car, it's the first car in the donut fleet!

  • I Love the DELL Brand on the laptop lmao

  • No 335i n54😔

  • Can u guys do a tie up of some sort on a lexus is300 or is350, d list, bumper to bumper, really anything

  • My grandfather had a mr2 vw golf and my dad wanted to sell it, so he did. I regret not trying to change his mind

  • Ah got so happy seeing e36 on the top, I got two! The project car of them is the 2.5 TDS. And btw the M42 plus m44, is the fastest 4 cylinder they made in e36 and it's really nice especially turbo charged, standard it's even faster than the 2.0 6 cylinder. Also gives car insane ballance

  • Sn95 mustang gt better be on this fucking list

  • i love that Donut hoodie. definitely checking out the merch store for that

  • Lexus Is300

  • Although I admit the nissan has a great chassis, I’d still say the brz is better. It’s lighter, easier to mod, and you can get some of the earlier ones for pretty cheap.

  • 11 generations of civics and there all trash.

  • I hate miatas

  • Volvo volvo volvo volvo volvo

  • "Nothing is more expensive than a cheap Porsche." Cheap Mercedes: (clears throat)

  • DellBook Pro

  • Branch out like Cooper and emilio did u Deserve a man

  • You should have mentioned the Porsche Boxster

  • Nothing beats a MK4 Volkswagen

  • Pumphrey is the best man 😂😂

  • man please stop making these fucking videos. prices are too fucking high on project cars already

  • P O R T C H A

  • My Miata when I bought it 6 months ago was worth 4k. I sold it with a blown engine for 5k last week. Miata prices are and have been skyrocketing over the last few years so I'm sad I had to sell mine but fuck the prices are jumping as people realize how great these are

  • 12:45 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Have you guys ever considered opening an overseas branch? 👀

  • brz..?

  • Name 7 project cars that aren't a miata 1. Miata

  • No Powa Baby Bundle!!!! I absolutely love the way he said that bad I want to get it right now. And boost creeps

  • Can we buy you some pants that fit?

  • 10:40 is that the money pit set up?

  • Proud foxbody owner🥰🥰🥰

  • 6:50 Excuse me, Miata>Civic because you can’t do drifty bois in a civic without doing hella work to it; also you didn’t take into account for the special editions of the Miata(10AE, M-edition,etc.)

  • Cough cough 2nd-4th gen trans ams and camaros

  • I love the fact that James is using an Apple laptop but labelled it as a Dell... 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sooooo Donut.... yallll gunna get e36 for low and high car 👀 🥺 👉👈

  • I would have picked an E46 ISO E36 as they're just about the same but better and nicer. 6 cylinders one may be more pricey but it's so straight forward to swap a 4 cyl for a 6 cyl (or a LS if that is your thing).

  • Hi I’m commenting again please reckognize the GM W body platform. I love the videos I’m a big jdm fan and VW fan myself; but I own a 2001 Impala and a 2008 Jetta city so I am not bias however I am just curious why there is nothing on the W body platform on the donut media SLnumber page.

  • The Z3 even was a Bond car!

  • Damn son!!!!! Nothing for those v8 lovers.....just that ford?!?!.!.

  • Sadness, no WRX? 🤧

  • I was giving this video a chance... I really was but civic>miata.. broo you know thats a lie.

  • If i rember correctly the eclipses 4g63 and the evos 4g63 are not the same.i used to have a 4g64 back in the day and was into the eclipses.1990-91,98 or 99 and 4g64 dont get crank walk.

  • From what i have heard crankwalk is only a major problem on a evo 4. Later models have fixed engines

  • I want a full release of "do that crankwalk boi*"

  • I'm missing up to speed episodes , bad really bad 😭

  • Looks like you used a 1.6 miata crankshaft, for the crank walk bit 😑😑😑 mmmokay.

  • I disagree with no E30 present

  • The thumbnail though 😂

  • My mk3 jetta project car agrees. Vw in South Africa probably has the biggest fan base than any other place in the world. There are 18 in our street and we live in a short af street(and only my mom's is stock)

  • I’m 16 and when i get a job I’m thinking about getting that Porsche 944

  • Boy the XJ Cherokee better be on this list 😤

  • I waited for the GT86... Sadly it wasn't in the list...

  • Dare I say "maybe we actually have taste"?

  • Aaaaaaaaand R.I.P. prices... It all will be inflated now.

  • Bought my '85 944 for $3,500.... drove it for 2 years with no repairs.... until it was totaled because some nimrod pulled out in front of me. I got $7,000 from insurance for it.... bought it back for $300 and sold the wrecked car for $1,100. So yeah... 944. Now I drive a 911.... 996.... $16k shipped from Florida to me. 996 is the bargain 911 these days.

  • Best project cars are volvo 740 and mercedes benz 190. They both are cheap and fun and look nice.

  • What about the Acura Integra one of the best cars!!!!

  • I’m surprised James didn’t shout out mighty car mods’ recent E36 build

  • The only cheap cars in Europe are the Civic and the GTI’s, that’s sad.

  • Any N54 BMW. 500BHP for $1500. Available in a wide range of chassis options that are all better than the E36. Unbeatable.

  • 4:22 mad barxzz

  • If u buy the cheap Porsche you will end up being hoovie

  • dude, aren't you tired from all that screaming? i know i am.

  • I thought brz would also make its way here as the used ones are below 10k now. Well the second gen is awesome too

  • I hate Miatas

  • To this day, the EM1 Civic is my favorite. It’s still the car I want.

  • Idk about you but I’m looking to get the stealth r/t.

  • 10:39 guy has ambulance on standby

  • Full version of that crankwalk song when?

  • 3:39 is awfully familiar. I feel like this was discussed on the past gas podcast. Anyways love the story and can relate except a stage 2 eclipse was killed by a stock 335i gt where I live

  • where the jeep yj or tj 😧

  • E36 Break like a mofo im sorry, they drive stupid good and i just bought one for 1250 for a 99' 123k original miles lmao from an old lady and she had the maintenance record and when i tell you i was in pain looking at it.

  • old subarus, not just imprezas, but legacys and foresters, all the parts are like lego

  • The only ting Volksvajeen community is good at is explaining to you how Golfs are the only good car ever made. And they are bad at that. Like a woman explaining why she needs the new shoes she saw.

  • excuse me wheres the mr2???

  • Not after this video lol

  • Here's my top 5 Foxbody Mustang - Mods on these style of pony cars are way more than anything else on the market because everyone is in demand for it. You can make it into a track car, a drag car or a drift car. Anything is possible and limitless. Honda Civic - Yes.. The ricermobile BUT having grown up with a properly tuned EK9 Type R in the family (I'm not American) that could do 250kmh steadily on the highway and attack mountain passes like nothing, its a memory to be had. Plus, its dirt cheap and could be had for just 250 bucks if you know how to look. Don't forget that aftermarket parts for all Civics are emmense from the EH series to the current-gen FK. You can make it into a show car, drag car or even extreme time attack machine. I would lump the Integra here too tbh. S13/S14 180SX - Prices for these had sky rocketed but still, if you can afford may be 3000 for a base model, mods for these are plenty and the SR20DET can hold quite alot of power. Plus, its veeery versatile that it could be a show car, drift car, track weapon, street racer or even drag car E46 3 Series - I wouldn't pick the E36 despite me liking its looks better due to one major thing that the E36 suffers VERY badly from, rust. The E46 is newer and engine's almost the same as the E36. Aftermarket mods are plenty around also and the engine is pretty solid. If its not to your liking, you can always hunt for a 1JZ or if you're rich enough, a 2JZ and you could turn this thing into anything you want A31 Nissan Cefiro - this thing is an absolute riot. It shares parts with many other models like the legendary BNR32 Skyline so parts might be a little on the expensive side but still, tons of support. Plus, its RB25DE isn't a slouch and actually tossing in the RB25DET, 26DETT isn't any trouble and it ain't rare to see it becoming a drift missile or becoming a great highway attacker especially in places like Japan. If the American market has this, its a gem to have

  • So happy the E36 made it to #1 such an amazing car to drive

  • I’m can’t believe brz/frs/86 isn’t on the list, it’s literally the closest you can get to a Miata without getting a Miata lol

  • #4 ayyyyy red coupe that's me :D

  • that supra + bmw joke though lmao

  • I woulda added the C4 corvette for sure and maybe a 3rd of 4th gen camaro.

  • what about subarus. ????

  • NOOOO!! I’ve been looking for a good E36 for a project for so long now and it’s gonna skyrocket in price since you made this video!