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Are you an automotive history buff? Do you enjoy watching cars being built? Are you infinitely curious about engines? Do you want to know the stories behind some of the coolest cars, all while having a laugh?
Donut Media is a channel for all types of car people, from JDM diehards to American muscle car enthusiasts and everything in between. Every week, we give you new episodes of our most popular shows. Whether your favorite car is the Skyline GT-R, the Dodge Challenger, VW GTI, BMW M3, WRX STi, 4Runner, Miata or Supra - we've got you covered. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy our videos, we have something for everyone.
Before you buy your next car, before you work on your junk car, before you go bumper 2 bumper, no matter what your wheelhouse is, we'll get you up to speed at Donut.
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13:297 Perfect Project Cars That AREN’T a Miata
20:22Is Lifting Your Car Worth It?
Is Lifting Your Car Worth It?Ogledi 998 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
13:37Why You're Wrong About NOS
Why You're Wrong About NOSOgledi 1,1 mio.Pred 8 dnevi
14:54GM's $2,000,000,000 Disaster
GM's $2,000,000,000 DisasterOgledi 1,4 mio.Pred 9 dnevi
21:14We Bought the WORST RATED Car Products on Amazon
13:54Are Polyurethane Bushings Worth It?
Are Polyurethane Bushings Worth It?Ogledi 676 tis.Pred 14 dnevi
14:51Why its impossible to drive 1000mph
Why its impossible to drive 1000mphOgledi 1,3 mio.Pred 15 dnevi
14:1510 American Cars ...that America never got (????)
23:47DIY Subwoofer vs. Store-bought
DIY Subwoofer vs. Store-boughtOgledi 1,4 mio.Pred 21 dnevom
14:055 Scariest Car Stories
5 Scariest Car StoriesOgledi 652 tis.Pred 26 dnevi
14:16Are Aftermarket Headlights Worth It?
Are Aftermarket Headlights Worth It?Ogledi 836 tis.Pred 28 dnevi
12:26Why some slow cars FEEL fast
Why some slow cars FEEL fastOgledi 1,6 mio.Pred 28 dnevi
12:21The Haunting History of Hearses
The Haunting History of HearsesOgledi 677 tis.Pred mesecem
17:3010 Bizarre Car Trends Explained
10 Bizarre Car Trends ExplainedOgledi 926 tis.Pred mesecem
13:05Is an Oil Cooler Worth It?
Is an Oil Cooler Worth It?Ogledi 935 tis.Pred mesecem
10:40This Paint Costs $2,000 Per Gallon
This Paint Costs $2,000 Per GallonOgledi 581 tis.Pred mesecem
12:57What Killed All of Canada's Car Brands?
What Killed All of Canada's Car Brands?Ogledi 940 tis.Pred mesecem
17:0511 Athletes with SURPRISING Cars
11 Athletes with SURPRISING CarsOgledi 696 tis.Pred mesecem
20:15We Tested 3 Cracked Dash HACKS
We Tested 3 Cracked Dash HACKSOgledi 1,2 mio.Pred mesecem
14:22A.I. Designed this Car
A.I. Designed this CarOgledi 1,7 mio.Pred mesecem
9:15How to Make It as a Hollywood Stunt Driver
15:2210 Insanely Fast SUVs We Can't Believe Exist
14:50Is an Aftermarket Intake System Worth It?
14:40Tesla's Ex Chief Engineer is Taking on Elon Musk
13:53Ferrari's F1 Disaster EXPLAINED
Ferrari's F1 Disaster EXPLAINEDOgledi 1 mio.Pred mesecem
15:189 Cars Named After ANIMALS
9 Cars Named After ANIMALSOgledi 496 tis.Pred mesecem
11:24Are Head Gaskets Worth It?
Are Head Gaskets Worth It?Ogledi 991 tis.Pred mesecem
15:07Why Mercedes' F1 Car is Unbeatable
Why Mercedes' F1 Car is UnbeatableOgledi 1,6 mio.Pred mesecem
12:39Are Cars Going To Keep Getting Bigger?
Are Cars Going To Keep Getting Bigger?Ogledi 776 tis.Pred mesecem
16:539 Best Minivans of All Time
9 Best Minivans of All TimeOgledi 664 tis.Pred 2 meseci
19:51Does a BIGGER Radiator Actually Do Anything?
11:40These Tires Cost $42,000
These Tires Cost $42,000Ogledi 1,1 mio.Pred 2 meseci
18:43Why Can’t Anyone Take Down Tesla?
Why Can’t Anyone Take Down Tesla?Ogledi 788 tis.Pred 2 meseci
16:309 Super Expensive Cars You Can FINALLY Buy CHEAP
24:47Is a Standalone ECU Worth It?
Is a Standalone ECU Worth It?Ogledi 1,2 mio.Pred 2 meseci
17:4310 Insane Prototypes They ACTUALLY Built
10 Insane Prototypes They ACTUALLY BuiltOgledi 780 tis.Pred 2 meseci
14:46Why Americans Love RVs NOW More Than EVER!
Why Americans Love RVs NOW More Than EVER!Ogledi 524 tis.Pred 2 meseci
23:02$20,000 vs. $50,000 Custom 350z
$20,000 vs. $50,000 Custom 350zOgledi 1,7 mio.Pred 2 meseci
17:1910 Classic Muscle Cars You can Still Buy CHEAP
18:53Are Big Brakes Worth It?
Are Big Brakes Worth It?Ogledi 1,2 mio.Pred 3 meseci
12:48How the 2020 GTI Made FWD Not Suck
How the 2020 GTI Made FWD Not SuckOgledi 583 tis.Pred 2 meseci
17:09$400 Light Kit vs. $1200 Light Kit
$400 Light Kit vs. $1200 Light KitOgledi 1,7 mio.Pred 3 meseci
17:0910 Cars with an INSANE Power to Weight Ratio
8:10WE TEST: Was $9500 Worth of Car Mods Worth It?
12:59How a STOCK Ford Raptor Can Survive Baja
How a STOCK Ford Raptor Can Survive BajaOgledi 895 tis.Pred 3 meseci
14:05This is the State with the BEST Used Cars
This is the State with the BEST Used CarsOgledi 690 tis.Pred 3 meseci
19:38$200 Radiator vs. $500 Radiator
$200 Radiator vs. $500 RadiatorOgledi 1,8 mio.Pred 3 meseci
14:189 Horrible Car Engineering FAILS
9 Horrible Car Engineering FAILSOgledi 1,9 mio.Pred 3 meseci
12:46Are Aftermarket Seats Worth It?
Are Aftermarket Seats Worth It?Ogledi 1,2 mio.Pred 3 meseci
22:36$3000 vs. $500 Suspension Upgrade
$3000 vs. $500 Suspension UpgradeOgledi 1,9 mio.Pred 3 meseci
16:539 Uncool Cars that are Actually FUN
9 Uncool Cars that are Actually FUNOgledi 937 tis.Pred 3 meseci
12:32Is a Short Shifter Worth It?
Is a Short Shifter Worth It?Ogledi 1,8 mio.Pred 3 meseci
14:47The Forgotten Muscle Truck War of '91
The Forgotten Muscle Truck War of '91Ogledi 894 tis.Pred 3 meseci
15:13$225 Injectors vs. $600 Injectors
$225 Injectors vs. $600 InjectorsOgledi 1,5 mio.Pred 3 meseci
23:2113 GREAT Cars that NEVER Came with a Manual
16:13How Vacuums Made This Car Fast
How Vacuums Made This Car FastOgledi 628 tis.Pred 4 meseci
16:3311 COOLEST Versions of Boring Cars
11 COOLEST Versions of Boring CarsOgledi 1,1 mio.Pred 4 meseci
13:25Are Chassis Braces Worth It? --We Tested It!
15:44Jeep Wrangler - The Science Explained
Jeep Wrangler - The Science ExplainedOgledi 596 tis.Pred 4 meseci
17:30Car Terms Every Car Nerd NEEDS to Know
Car Terms Every Car Nerd NEEDS to KnowOgledi 1,2 mio.Pred 4 meseci
22:34$1600 Body Kit vs. $5500 Body Kit
$1600 Body Kit vs. $5500 Body KitOgledi 3,5 mio.Pred 4 meseci
16:399 SURPRISINGLY Good Drift Cars
9 SURPRISINGLY Good Drift CarsOgledi 1,3 mio.Pred 4 meseci
18:18DROP TESTING a $65 Roll Bar
DROP TESTING a $65 Roll BarOgledi 1,3 mio.Pred 4 meseci
17:18Nissan VQ Engine - The Science Explained
Nissan VQ Engine - The Science ExplainedOgledi 1,1 mio.Pred 4 meseci
17:01The INSANE Legal Battle Over Truck Nuts
The INSANE Legal Battle Over Truck NutsOgledi 1,6 mio.Pred 4 meseci
17:24$2000 Roll Cage vs $4000 Roll Cage
$2000 Roll Cage vs $4000 Roll CageOgledi 1,5 mio.Pred 4 meseci
22:0910 Classic Cars They NEED to Bring Back
10 Classic Cars They NEED to Bring BackOgledi 1,3 mio.Pred 4 meseci
19:23Is Buying someone else’s Project Car worth it?
17:52McLaren F1 - The Science EXPLAINED
McLaren F1 - The Science EXPLAINEDOgledi 666 tis.Pred 4 meseci
13:00Is the 400z Enough to Save Nissan?
Is the 400z Enough to Save Nissan?Ogledi 1,6 mio.Pred 4 meseci
17:008 Fastest FRONT WHEEL DRIVE Cars
8 Fastest FRONT WHEEL DRIVE CarsOgledi 1 mio.Pred 4 meseci
11:113 Methods of DIY Driveway Cleaning TESTED
3 Methods of DIY Driveway Cleaning TESTEDOgledi 936 tis.Pred 4 meseci
13:24Subaru's NEW Boxer Engine - The Science EXPLAINED
17:27All the Insane Drama from Quarantine eRacing
20:0511 BEST FIRST CARS (for people who like cars)
11:53Are Headers Worth It?
Are Headers Worth It?Ogledi 2,1 mio.Pred 5 meseci
13:45Fox Body Mustang - The Science Explained
Fox Body Mustang - The Science ExplainedOgledi 600 tis.Pred 5 meseci
20:4710 Incredible Concept Cars WE NEVER GOT
10 Incredible Concept Cars WE NEVER GOTOgledi 1,5 mio.Pred 5 meseci


  • Landspeed car: *has 100,000 hp Mk 4 Supra: "that's cute"

  • It was a long time I laughed so much. Best duo ever

  • You forgot the Toyota Hilux

  • I'm in the bathroom playing Jake Brake videos so my wife does my laundry because she think I got diereaheeaha. Thanks Jake Brake. ....and, before you get upset, she was playing miscarriage videos last week and I thought we had home abortion remedy, turns out, payback's a bitch and half (her half sister just moved in and now I got her preggo, instead).

  • How did Leo’s r33 get above Brian’s r34

  • I love going fast in a car. But that's true on G-Forces even from a standing start from 0-mph to over 120 mph covering 2 miles in 58 seconds. I was in back seat and for the first 1/2 mile I couldn't move forward. I wish cellphones of today were back then I would show it.

  • mazda mx3

  • You know who almost always has Viton and HNBR o-rings in stock? Harbor Freight. $10 for more than you should ever need...

  • I own 2013 Ford Explorer n everyone mistakes me as cop, especially at lights

  • And you wonder why Japan didn’t give America the cool stuff everywhere else got??

  • Hey donut media can you make a up to speed on isuzu

  • I’m looking to add an exhaust and BOV to my new c300 . This video has pushed me to just go for it. I was a little on edge about doing this, but now I’m all about it. This is my first 4 cylinder build.

  • Silenoid? Sorry, thats just...

  • pumphrey boy tell em


  • No. Wood. In. Cars. Thank you. Safety first n team work.

  • 13:36

  • He put the “no thanks” right after the ad. Perfect timing.

  • I can't wait to get mine.😢 I see so much potential in one. 😤😤😤

  • Sacraficed engine to reduce weight

  • Can I add one more, pleas don’t be an asss and give cyclists space when passing.

  • fake company : meme man maschine and i will help renault

  • 2:31 I feel ofended >:(

  • I always liked the looks great car had a 2000ss for over 15 years wish I never sold it but I fell in love with a C5

  • When he said an Italian super used the headlights, I was really expecting the EB110.

  • Both the Car...AND the Animamal!

  • guys you have to understand you just don't like a 20bn company burn especially when you can just get all the needed parts from gm and push on from there. I'm sure gm knew about this and waited for the right moment hence the reason they arent calling off the deal. people open shell companies all the team but never in gm's wildest dream did they think they'd be handed its gift called nikola now they just have to wait for the shares to run down a lot then scoop it all up.

  • Eeeerrrm Sorry to ask ? But WTF is Horse Juice? Cider? Whiskey? Vape fluid?, Fuel? Why would you even pretend to sip it unless it is the one of the first two?

  • Audi TT Mk1 ? Supra mk3 ? both cheap and affordable

  • Ferrari and cheating go hand in hand - they've always done it. I've thought many times over the years that ferrari really should be banned from the sport, but of course it never will be since it's always had a 'special' relationship with the corrupt FIA and had a blind eye turned to it's dodgy behavior so many times I've lost count. Literally I always think whoever wins, so long as it's not ferrari. it's ok.

  • Guys I think we’re all forgetting the longes car chase in a movie called “DEUL” Steven Spielberg

  • My 7018B costs $25 brandnew from a local reseller So far my only issue with it is the no DSP thus shitty radio reception But good thing it has Bluetooth and i just pair it with my android phone+underseat woofer

  • The S2 has a Single K24 turbo

  • this reminds me of a mux selector

  • And then came the 100,000-Effective-HP, Aussie Invader:

  • Me: *Looks at the current "Eclipse"* Also me: Look how the massacred our boy.

  • bring back HILOW

  • You are not funny, you are rich. But it is funny that the rich don't have pay taxes.

  • And y’all start talking about gti after I sold mine 😔

  • The one with Chip Foose was pretty cool.

  • my dream car... I JUST NEED IT :P

  • he's right

  • Thank you for making this after I bought a car.

  • Let me introduce you to French youtubers "Vilebrequin" and the most exciting project ever : a 1000hp LS swapped Fiat Multipla! you guys will love this.

  • Ju..... juk...... I can’t even say it

  • So Daniel Tosh from Tosh.0 works at Donut now? Nice.

  • *Аdult Оnlу 18+* !!! ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ɴᴏᴡ *XXXDATES.ONLINE* ------------------------------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent.... tarde. Su beste

  • I was on the toilet when he said on the toilet

  • At the Holloman High Speed Test Track they test things at ground level at upwards of M8.6 (6,453.409mph) -- much more than 1000mph. So long as you have enough power and can control the lift/weight and thrust/drag pairs 1000mph is not out of the question. The power thing is the lessor problem as rockets are readily available to do the job, but the challenge is in managing the pairs mentioned before. The biggest problem, however, is funding -- the proven track record of Thrust SSC and its successor had to moth-ball operations when the money ran out. This problem is do to the fact that there is almost no ROI other than a trophy and a record, there just isn't much you can do with the technology to make money so investors come in for the glory but leave all to soon when they realize that glory is all they'll get. Much respect to everyone that's accepted the challenge, but the record is mostly one of failure and that is mostly about ... money!

  • The steering knob has use we use them At work on snow removal plow trucks but that one with the pistol grip looks dangerous

  • where I live Pontiacs are known for two things: Aggressive drivers and there is always a Pontiac on the shoulder or the side of the road broken down

  • MRS

  • Why did you add engine sounds to the teslas.

  • 4:21

  • No one Mercedes Rtx on

  • How could anyone who is a fan of cars not love this thing? Like, this is still awesome

  • you can tell this guy is cool because he treats his hands like he's a modern rapper in a supermarionation thunderbirds episode.

  • Bloodhound SSC should consider the salt lakes of Bolivia. Over 100KM across and at altitude, all which could extend the performance of their craft. You're welcome.

  • The sex scandal thing made me wanna look up trucks having sex tbh...

  • dude E36's are horribly unreliable, you missed the toyota mr2, and lets be honest they are all being imported into the USA now anyway

  • This is content I can appreciate

  • You should've mentioned that the USSR, like many European places, has had significantly denser public transport network than the US, thus making it not really necessary in the cities

  • The fuel shark works. I plugged it into my Honda civic, and I now have the acceleration of a top fuel dragster, the top speed of a SSC Thrust, the handling of an F1 car, and 90 mpg. 10/10 would recommend.

  • mustang wins y almost 1 for every

  • 16:33 Eshay bwahh *the background*

  • Never seen a 280z ripp so hard LOL!

  • Irk man S2Ks don’t feel fast

  • Comment 3000, liked for the thumbnail lmao


  • Petrol Tesla

  • Pumphrey is about his high waters. 🤘😝

  • Almost had something going but then got greedy and ruined it typical cooperation.

  • Veloster sucks big time..... My neighbour has one. He went back to drive his old car. I rest my case. Buy at own risk.

  • As a kid, I always associated exclusive sports cars with class and style, not this. Hell, the driver in my favourite PS1 game Need for Speed: High Stakes wore a damn tuxedo. You got to look fancy while evading the cops in your Diablo!

  • Where is Dodge Chalanger Demon

  • the dude from 2:17 looked a lot like Hugh Jackman LoL

  • Dodge ram is better!

  • Me: A Norwegian Also me: So, after I get my car, It wont give out any greenhouse gas. Because 98% of our electricity is from Water and The rest is other renewable sources

  • yo is that a supra

  • you forgot the Ute(Australian)